Who is Juliet?

It is a universally known truth that when you do what you are passionate about, it shows.

A big dream. Two passions. Three things: London, a camera and a pen.

I am Sandra Ferreres, "mother" of Juliet. Born and raised near Barcelona (Spain) but my traveling and adventurous heart brought me to one of the most wonderful cities that can exist: London. Living here was a dream throughout my life. And I fulfilled it in 2019.

Although I studied Law, my passion has always been telling stories. I have combined my love of telling stories about this city with photography, to be able to do what I like most and share it with others.

Juliet personifies this project. And yes, it is a Juliet inspired and adapted from Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet . She is brave, empathetic and kind. It knows how to reinvent itself and is resilient like the city where it was born. Her heart is full of color and in her soul you find Jane Austen or Shakespeare himself, writing works of universal literature with their pens. She is insightful and intelligent like Agatha Christie, independent like Peter Pan and adventurous like Harry Potter, she has the cinematic look of Alfred Hitchcock and the comic spirit of Charles Chaplin.

He always says sorry and thank you (obviously), and drinks green tea (Earl's Grey), although he also really enjoys a good gin & tonic. His favorite movie is Titanic, but he prefers Love Actually at Christmas and on Sundays he likes to walk through St. James's Park.

Juliet has her own bridge in London. Thanks to him this project connects with me, and more importantly, it is the one that unites it to the city of London and its mission in the world: creating beauty, promoting culture, telling stories and creating smiles.

Juliet's Bridge is not just a brand, it is a concept, a clear idea and a big dream.

Juliet can be in anyone's dreams, do you want to meet her together?

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