What number does Harry have on his dorsal when playing at Quidditch?

To solve this task, you must first solve a riddle.

Pick the one that has the color of your Hogwarts house:


I'm often very stern and fair,

and always wear my hair up in a bun

I will look like angry all the time,

but I can also be very nice and kind.

I find Quidditch important and fun,

and sometimes disguise as a cat.

You don't need my surname right now,

as the name is what will help you out.


A bright mind full of fantasy,

a world made of whichcraft and wizardry.

With words the spell is done,

and hooked by her story you walk.

If a first copy of his work you have

you may now want to laugh,

as you might be as rich,

as the mind that still shines.

A surname we need in this case

but you have no time to waste.


In the shadows there is a unique man,

that will treat you right if you are of his gang.

Although he plays on two sides,

he knows well where his loyalty lies.

His help is crucial for Harry at the end,

But he will always treat him unwell.

His past may be dark and secret,

and his love to only one he has admitted.

Big nose and greasy hair,

Tell me now what's his name.

Founder of a magic school

a wizard with great power is.

His house does not admit a fool

as you need ambition and wit.

If you speak parsetongue well

and you are able to cast a good spell,

you are most securely admitted

as he wanted those abilities transmitted.

His name you want to solve this task

but you surely know the house well.

Do you have the solution already?