Terms and Conditions

Placing your order


All items on our website are subject to availability. We will inform you as soon as possible if an item or service you have requested is not available. Please make sure you provide us with your true contact details.


Due to the nature of our services, you will have in-person payment options. You may be asked to pay 10% in advance; We will contact you and provide you with a secure link to pay.

For other services (such as consultation services), the payment link will be sent to you.

All payments, including Paypal and debit/credit card, will be made upon placing your order.

We will not be responsible for any delays or non-delivery of products due to failed payment authorization.

Acceptance of your order

Please note that we have not accepted your order until we have sent you a confirmation.

We will inform you by telephone or email if we are unable to provide you with a service you have requested from us. If payment has already been made for products that we cannot supply, we will refund the full amount as soon as reasonably possible.

Consultations and private tours.

Private tours must be booked in advance.
During peak hours cancellation policies may be adjusted.
Private tours and consultations are non-refundable once the activity has taken place.
These activities may undergo modifications, to the extent that we can afford it. If rescheduling is not possible, we are not obligated to issue a refund.

General terms and conditions

Unless otherwise stated:

All offers end at 23:59 GMT if an expiration date is shown.
We reserve the right to end offers and promotions early at our discretion.
We reserve the right to extend offers and promotions at our discretion.
For offers that require a promotional code, only customers who have been sent the code can redeem the offer.
A product can only be subject to one offer within a single transaction.
Refunds for products included in an offer will reflect the price originally paid for the product.
In multi-buy offers (e.g. 3 for the price of 2), the cheapest item will be free.
Exclusions apply to: products already subject to discount or any other products indicated in the offer.
Offers and discounts cannot be added retrospectively to an order.

Order modifications, cancellations, returns and refunds

Due to the nature of our services and products, there is no physical return of any product.

The conditions of Modifications, Cancellations and Returns may vary depending on the service purchased:


You can cancel or modify any reservation up to 1 hour before the agreed time.


You can cancel or modify your reservation, with prior notice that cannot be less than 4 days from the agreed date of the service during off-peak hours.

During peak times (generally November, December, March, April, July and August, but we reserve the right to consider another month as "peak time" if bookings are unexpectedly high), the minimum modification time is 1 week.

Once you pay 10% of the value of the service, it will be confirmed and we will send you a confirmation email.

This 10% of the amount will not be returned if the cancellation is not made within the period indicated above.

If the amendment is requested, we will evaluate the case and see if it can be done.

If there is any situation that makes it impossible for our clients to carry out the activity (such as health problems, travel, etc.), we will evaluate their case and consider returning the amount paid, outside of the previous conditions. We reserve the right to decide this in any case.


Payment for these services will be made at the time they are confirmed and you accept the conditions. We will send you a confirmation email, once payment has been received, with the digital guide and the date of the first call.

In case of canceling the call or service, before the first call is made, but after the Digital Guide is sent, 30% in the case of Darjeeling, 20% for Matcha and 10% Earl Gray will not be refunded. . of the digital guide and the rest of the services will not be carried out.

In the case of Matcha and Earl Grey, once the first call is made, we will not issue any refunds.

We are not responsible for any inconvenience or problem you may have (e.g. cancellations of booked trains, etc.). However, we are committed to helping you during your trip with the services you have hired us and we will look for the best solutions.

The prices are for our services, they do not include any hotel, train or other activities that we contract. We will always ask for your confirmation of the amounts payable before booking anything in your name.

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Content Accuracy
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All photographs on this website are our property and were taken by us.

All information given is searched and verified. We do not share any information that we are not sure about because we want you to be completely sure that what we share is true. No fake news, no copy and paste. We make a great effort to ensure the veracity of all information, whether on our website, social networks and tours. We promote respect and appreciation of culture and art, as well as responsible tourism. Thank you for appreciating and supporting all of this.