When Hagrid gives her first Care of Magical Creatures lesson, at Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, at what page of the textbook he asks his pupils to open the book?

This activity will be done with a Marauder Map. Please, wait patiently for the witch in charge to give you a map.

Follow the indications ON YOUR MAP to get to a specific place, that will give you the solution.

1.  You are at Leicester Square, the square where you can find the most important cinemas in London and where the Red Carpets take place. We have marked on your map with a sticker the exact place we are right now, next to the Harry Potter Statue.

2. Walk to where we have just come from. Undo what we have walked, and head back to the place where Harry, Ron, and Hermione apparated. Head to Shaftesbury Avenue, and walk towards the north. 

3. Walk passing by a Chinese city.

4. Continue straight where you are and turn right when you find a very numerical market with a roundabout that has 7 streets getting out of it.

5. Continue until you find yourself parallel to a very floral street.

6. Walk through that street, again heading north.

7. When you arrive to a park with a very famous north American President, stop. Don´t get into the park but drink some water and relax.

8. Take the nearest tube. Travel in the blue line whose name is a place you have already walked through. Take the line on the northwest direction.

9. Get off on the second stop.

10. You have arrived to a very magical platform, but please don´t go to Hogwarts just right now.

11. Head west, passing through a very important and big Library.

12. Continue until you get to a very big train station again (Funny fact: it was this station the one that J.K. Rowling was thinking of when describing King´s Cross in the books!).

13. Turn left, towards the south.

14. Continue straight until you find a famous blue London plaque, honouring a very famous British writer (no, it´s not J.K. Rowling this time), that talks about the importance of having a room on your own.

15. Just there, turn left, heading East.

16. Turn on your second right.

17. Search for the nearest café and relax in there. Maybe they have a Butterbeer?


Do not forget to say ´Mischief Managed´, to make sure that no one can read the map.