Las mejores heladerías de Londres

The best ice cream parlors in London

If there's one thing I can be obsessed with (aside from shoes) it's a good ice cream. Living in London has many good things, but for two people (aka Irene and I) who love gastronomy, the fact that you can find quality food from all over the world is something not only desirable, but remarkable.

I remember that when I arrived in this city I dedicated myself to looking for good ice cream parlors, those authentic, Italian ones, and although it was difficult for me, once I found one, I kept discovering new ones.

Today I want to talk to you about our favorites

BADIANI . The truth is that the obsession with this ice cream chain is therapy. I discovered it in Mercato Metropolitano, a place that I also highly recommend, since it is a food market with many delicious stalls (in October, they recreate Oktoberfest, in case it catches you at that time). I went to Mercato just to have that ice cream, until I noticed the name of those ice creams... Aren't there more stores? And I looked on maps, to my surprise, there are several throughout London.

One very close to my house, in the heart of Notting Hill. I don't know if it was really good news because maybe Badiani is responsible for my financial bankruptcy, and it's already sad that this is due to ice cream.

The flavor that can drive me crazy is Pistachio Buontalent i. But any other one will not disappoint you. I haven't found the creaminess of those ice creams almost anywhere else. So much so that my best friend had to scold me because while visiting Barcelona I told her that I wanted to cross the entire city (Barcelona seems small to me now, compared to London), because I wanted to go to Badiani in Barcelona.

“You have to try new things, Sandra.” Yeah, and look, I like new things, and discovering new things, but when something is so delicious, it's hard to let go!

His website:


ANITA . As a person who likes to discover new places, I was very aware of the opening of this ice cream parlor in London, which is also super central, right next to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Plus, it's open late. They are Italian ice creams, but the ice cream parlor is originally from Tel Aviv and the presence of ingredients such as tahini in their ice creams makes it very special. Creamy ice cream, very generous portions and a lot of variety.

My favorite memory of this place is having ice cream with my family visiting on December 30. Because ice cream has no season, and at Anita they know it.

Her website:


UDDERLICIOUS . This ice cream parlor is almost a lost secret in Covent Garden. There is another one, in Islington, a more residential and remote neighborhood, so the one you shouldn't miss is the central one. Creamy ice creams, great service and a small, cozy place that make you want to try all the ice creams. They are creamy and there are typical flavors and more daring ones, for all tastes.

My best memory of this ice cream parlor is meeting two co-workers during COVID times: working from a cafe and treating ourselves to an ice cream in the afternoon, the 3 of us sitting on the bench/swing of their establishment.

Their website:


BILMONTE . The mamma of gelato. Ice cream parlor in Soho that you 100% have to try. Addictive ice creams. They say that one should always know the difference between gelato and ice cream. The creaminess, temperature, flavor, etc. And, above all, the way to detect a good gelato is how it is presented. When the cubes are covered and the containers are round, it is good gelato.

And this happens to this ice cream shop. And in case this doesn't convince you, I'll tell you that it could be the second cause of my financial bankruptcy. I couldn't choose one, it's like choosing a child. On top of that, the staff is wonderful, they always serve you with a smile and of course, they know about ice cream.

Please see, even if it's the last thing you do. In London, of course. And yes, it is a good place to go with your date and impress her, believe me. Another thing is that your date knows how to value ice cream, or you. But for depression, if you don't know how to value either of the two, you will always have a Bilmonte ice cream, preferably white chocolate.

Their website:


DUCI . I leave this ice cream shop here for my personal satisfaction, but it is in a residential neighborhood (mine): Chiswick.

Even so, I can't help but mention it, although there is a part of me that wishes I didn't have it so close, especially in summer. It is inevitable to buy an ice cream if I pass by. And if you're counting how many ice creams I can eat, please stop, I don't do it so I don't feel bad.

As the daughter of a Majorcan, I have always loved almond ice cream, so easy to find in Mallorca, so difficult to see in the rest of the places I have looked. But this ice cream shop usually has the “Mandorla Siciliana” ice cream, Sicilian almond, which is to die for. It's not always there, because they modify and adapt flavors, but you always find one that you like. The owners are Italian, with that I tell you everything.

If you are in this area, around Chiswick or even Hammersmith or Acton, please see Duci. And while you're at it, take a stroll through Chiswick, although by the time you get to the ice cream parlor you'll have seen that it's an ideal neighborhood for walking around. Yes, I promise you that you are still in great London, you have not gone to a small town in the English countryside.

Their website:


I hope these recommendations have been useful to you.

For me they have been, because I'm going straight for a gelato!



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