Londres en familia: 17 planes para hacer en Londres con niños

London as a family: 17 plans to do in London with children

London is an ideal city to visit with the family, however, many families have doubts and wonder if it is a suitable city, mainly concerned about the size of the city.

And yes, it is a big city, and with a lot of people, but it is not at all a difficult city to visit with children, in fact, quite the opposite: it is the ideal place. It is also a very safe city and generally not very stressful for its size and the people who are constantly moving in it.

It has many plans to do with the little ones and to be able to adapt to their rhythm. Of course, remember to be more alert on public transport and perhaps avoid rush hours to be more comfortable. The rest, you won't have any problem.

And to make your trip easier, we leave you here the best ideas for plans to do as a family, with children:

1. SCIENCE MUSEUM. One of the most ideal museums to go with children, since they have a lot of games and activities so that they can interact and play with science. Admission is free but we recommend booking in advance.

2. NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. The most mythical. We have already talked about it before, both adults and children will like it but it is perfect for those children who also love animals. Admission is free but we recommend booking in advance.

3. BRITISH MUSEUM , essential. Two million years of human history in a single building. Admission is free but we recommend booking in advance. There are many things adapted for the little ones in this museum, including family guides, and if you want to enter temporary exhibitions, tickets for children are free.

4. TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM. Located in Covent Garden, this museum is usually very popular with the little ones, and it has a special section for them (“All Aboard”). They will be able to play and learn about trains, buses (old ones), subways and others. 200 years of transportation history, collected in a single venue.

But this museum is much more than this, it also organizes excursions to secret passages, or old abandoned subway stations. Of course, this museum, unlike the others, has a paid entrance. We highly recommend your entry if a member of the family really likes the topic of transportation. Maybe you spark interest in a future aeronautical or civil engineer.

5. HARRY POTTER STUDIES. If you are fans of the most magical saga, you cannot miss the Harry Potter studios, a huge facility that is where the 8 films in the saga were filmed. A museum for fans, film buffs and a must-see if you want to visit a very famous place in the city of London. We leave you a guide to the Studios, in case you want to know more about them and buy your tickets.

6. HARRY POTTER TOUR. If you like Harry Potter, but you don't have time to study (you need a whole day for them), you can also take a tour in London, visiting sites of inspiration and filming in the city.

In our free Harry Potter tour, which is one of the most recognized in London in Spanish, we give you recommendations such as stores to go to in the city, we tell many curiosities and secrets about the saga and we give you a link with extra material and all scenes.

If you prefer to tour all of London in the footsteps of Harry Potter, we recommend our private tour. We will walk throughout London, from Big Ben to Tower Bridge or St. Paul's Cathedral, while we watch scenes from Harry Potter filmed in the city, and we finish at the mythical Harry Potter train station: King's Cross. It is ideal if you want to tour all of London on a private tour, adapted to you and focused specifically on the most famous magical saga.

7. LEGOLAND. Not as famous as the Harry Potter studios, but there is also the Lego amusement park. We recommend it for younger children, between 4 and 12 years old they will enjoy it a lot. It is on the outskirts of London, in Windsor. Getting there is very easy as Windsor is literally half an hour from London (it takes longer to leave the city than to get there). In addition, you can also take advantage of Windsor in the same day, which is certainly a recommendable place.

8. WALK THROUGH A PARK. Something very famous about London is its parks, and it is the perfect plan if you come with children. Inside the parks you can walk, play or have a picnic.

And an activity that I love: feeding squirrels or ducks. Especially the squirrels, they will come looking for food from your hand. Remember to give them seeds, bread does not provide them with anything nutritionally, and anything else you give them can be harmful to their health. Don't give them M&M's that you just bought because “they're peanuts” (we've all wanted to do it, but it's not good for them).

Squirrels also love apples and carrots.

And finally, what more special memory can you have as a child than playing in a park in central London?

In Hyde park is the famous Diana Memorial Playground. A children's park, with a pirate ship included, very close to the memorial for Princess Diana (as you can imagine from the name).

The ideal place for the little ones to play, get dirty, have fun and who knows, maybe they will make an international friend on their trip.

9. GO TO A MUSICAL. Perhaps one of the best things you can take with you from your trip. Go to a theater in one of the cities with the best theatrical and interpretive quality. The most prestigious schools are here, and with the exception of Meryl Streep, the vast majority of renowned actors have studied in London.

The good thing is that there are many musicals, which makes it easy to go without understanding what they say, and many are ideal for children.

We recommend going to a play where you have already seen the movie (perhaps with your family before coming, it is the ideal plan too).

This way, when you see the play, you know what is happening and you enjoy it equally, both children and adults.

Right now they are performing The Lion King, the most mythical of all, but you will also find Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire or Frozen.

Remember to check what works are being done now. Both TodayTixx and Boxoffice.co.uk are our favorite places to get tickets at a good price.

10. SPEND THE DAY IN RICHMOND. Perfect to spend the day with the family in a less touristy and charming place. We always recommend this neighborhood (if it becomes touristy it will end up being our fault). But it is very easy to get to from the center of London and it has an English village vibe that makes it the perfect place.

Restaurants, pretty streets, shops and most importantly, the largest park in London. Richmond park takes up about four Hyde Parks, to give you an idea. The most interesting thing about Richmond Park is that you will almost always see its deer. You cannot give them food, and you must respect a safe distance, but they will let you watch them sunbathe, run or walk without problem.

11. SHREK ADVENTURES. If you fancy a different experience, that you won't find in other cities, and that is suitable for families, this is an interesting option.

It is a recreation, game and fun room, in the heart of London, right next to the London Eye, to spend a fun afternoon with the family. Set in the Shrek movies, with many fun settings, actors, games, activities and a restaurant.

12. LEGO STORE . The route of the most famous shops that you have to see in London is not to be missed, and that the little ones will really enjoy.

The Lego store in London is the largest in the world, in fact, adults even enjoy this store more than children because, who doesn't like Lego?

Places to take photos with huge Lego figures, like Big Ben or Harry Potter's potions class, and lots of Lego products. We are not responsible for the needs that this store will create.

13. M&M'S STORE. No trip to London can be considered over until you've had your fill of M&M's. The store is right in front of Lego, and not even those who don't like sweets will leave there without their bag of chocolate peanuts.

There are those who say that it is the largest M&M's store in the world, but on their website they say that it is the largest candy store in the world, well, in general.

And we believe it. 4 whole plants of candy and candy and candy and every type of M&M's you can imagine in every color your eyes can see. Not even you will understand why you keep standing in line to buy those M&M's but it is the magic of capitalism and compulsive buying. You are traveling, treat yourself to that luxury and buy that bag. We've all done it.

14. HAMLEYS STORE. Mandatory stop. The oldest toy store in the world. It is more than 250 years old, having been founded in 1760. Unfortunately, the original premises burned down, but since 1881 (which is said soon), it has one of the largest premises on Regents Street, very close to the previous shops.

Huge, with all kinds of toys inside. A dream come true for the little ones.

Reserve at least an hour to get lost inside this store. You'll find toys you've never seen before, for all ages, and you can even make your own teddy bear and name it.

If you want to do like Montse, who named her bear “Juliet” after us, tell us since these things make us too happy (thank you Montse, we will never forget you!).

15. TAKE A PRIVATE TOUR WITH JULIET'S BRIDGE. Private tours allow you to visit the city at your own pace, add stops such as restaurants, viewpoints or museums to the tour itself and adapt the pace to your family. Without rushing, and with the information that interests you most.

16. RESTAURANTS IN LONDON . Yes, we already know that you are still going to eat at a restaurant, but we wanted to let you know that in many places you will find special menus for children or even games. So look for places that have signs advertising children's menus.

Wagamama , for example, is a chain that we always recommend as a family since it is ideal if you go with children. But, in general, be careful, because if your visit coincides with a holiday in England, many restaurants will offer free food for children or special offers, so you will have it very easy to find a place where the whole family can eat, good price.

17. VISIT A PUB. It may sound strange to you that we recommend going to a “tavern” as a family, but there is an explanation.

Pubs are the most famous and typical places/restaurants in the United Kingdom, their decoration and food is something unique and you should go to one at least once on your trip.

They all have historical details or curiosities on their walls, so read even the information you find in the paintings because you will discover very interesting things.

It is a great option to be in a cozy and typical place of the country you are visiting. In fact, many also have children's menus. If they don't have them, give the little ones to try the “Mac & Cheese”. Macaroni and cheese, and believe me, they never fail.

Of course, keep in mind that, in the afternoons, they stop serving food (generally at 7, although they close the kitchen later) and they only serve as a bar, so they won't let you enter with children. Take advantage of the day so that they also live this experience.


And finally, a tip: The word “ Pub ” comes from Public house , that is, “public house”. They are places designed from their origin for social activity and hospitality. Maintaining this idea, they will always serve you a glass of water in all pubs or they will allow you to use their bathrooms, without having to consume. You can enter one and ask to go to the bathroom (they will always say yes without a problem) or enter and look for the bathroom without asking.

Adults also need bathrooms, obviously, but it is true that when you go with children, you need bathrooms that are accessible at any time and quickly.

Well, we give you a recommendation that families usually love: when you are in the center and need a bathroom, look for the nearest pub (there is always one).

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