Londres romántico: 11 planes para hacer en pareja en Londres

Romantic London: 11 plans to do as a couple in London

Are you considering a romantic getaway and have you chosen London?

In this post we leave you a thousand ideas of plans and things you can do on your trip to London as a couple, from romantic plans to plans to take advantage of if you come with your sweetheart to visit this famous European capital.

1. ROMANTIC DINNER IN A RESTAURANT. A classic, obviously, but there are a thousand great places to dine and take your date. Of course, many require prior reservation so remember to organize your evening in advance to ensure success.

Do you want some original idea to impress?

- Clos Magiore, one of the most romantic restaurants in London, in Covent Garden, beautiful decoration, candles and good food.

- Ave Mario, or any restaurant in the Big Mamma chain, perfect for winning over your loved one's stomach with delicious Italian food and original cocktails.

- Sushi Samba, Sushi restaurant in the heights.

- Dans Le Noir. If you have seen the movie “About Time”, it will sound familiar to you. A restaurant where you eat completely in the dark. A sensory experience and ideal to live with your partner.

2. WATCH A MUSICAL. This plan can always be done, but in this case it is the ideal. Romantic dinner, see a musical and go have a cocktail afterwards. You can end your evening walking at night in front of Big Ben and you already have the ideal date.

Remember that you have several places where you can get well-priced tickets for musicals in London, such as BoxOffice or TodayTixx.

You have many romantic works that will fan the flame of the date, such as The Lion King, Hello Dolly, Mamma Mia, The Phantom of the Opera, Anne and the King, or even Cabaret.

3. CANDELIGHT CONCERTS. Concerts by the lights of hundreds of candles. If this isn't the ideal plan, it's because we don't know anything about successful dating. There are several, and in fact, they are becoming more and more popular. If instead of musicals you want a romantic concert for your evening, this is a great idea. You have everything from concerts with movie soundtracks to concerts with songs adapted from artists like Coldplay or Taylor Swift. If you find out what your date's favorite movie or singer is and you give them this concert, they may declare eternal love for you at the end of the date, be warned.

4. WALK AT SUNSET. London has some of the best sunsets. You can book an hour in the Sky Garden, walk from St. Paul's, have a snack at Borough Market (strawberries and chocolate) and finish watching the sunset from one of the highest places in London.

You can also choose to walk around Camden and end the day watching the sunset from Primrose Hill, a small park with an ideal hill, overlooking London. A very romantic place to watch the night arrive.

5. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. Some museums make special plans during some nights. It is the perfect plan to visit a museum in an original way and help you bring up interesting topics on your date. You make sure that, whether she is successful or not, she is remembered fondly.

6. REAL OBSERVATORY TO SEE STARS. If there is something romantic, it is the stars and planets, so if theater or concerts are not your thing or if you want to play it safe and do something different, you can buy your tickets for the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Quite a romantic experience. Remember to tell your date that we are a speck of dust in the universe and that tonight will not happen again (Should I make a post with phrases to get a good date?).

7. CRUISE ON THE TAMESIS. In fact, you could do this at the end of the previous plan. From Greenwich to Westminster with a cruise along the River Thames, passing by Tower Bridge. Save yourself a movie kiss when you arrive in front of Big Ben. Your date is going to become a filmmaker so he can tell the evening on film.

You can hire a cruise or travel with an Uberboat, a service that is considered public transportation.

8. LONDON EYE. I don't know if you knew that you can reserve a London Eye capsule for yourselves, with cava and chocolate truffles. We will only tell you that the plan is called “Cupid's Capsule”. If Shakespeare had known about this, Romeo proposes to Juliet in a London Eye capsule.

9. GO TO A JUMPING PARK. If adrenaline and strong emotions are your thing, book a day at Gripped London. A park with up to 6 types of challenges for jumping into the void with a harness. Show your date that you're not afraid of anything, but make sure he's as adrenaline pumping as you are.

10. BIKE RIDE AND PICNIC. Perhaps there is no better display of affection than cooking for your loved one. Prepare a bag of food (or buy it, the important thing is the intention). You can rent two Santander bikes if you don't have your own, cycle through Hyde Park and then sit down to enjoy a picnic. If you make your romantic plan in summer you can watch the sunset and caress each other in the grass until well after 10pm. You are welcome.

11. ROMANTIC PHOTO SESSION. If you feel like taking a photo session with your partner, and visiting your favorite spot in London, we can help you with this.

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