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Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 11am.

Last minute tickets You can try to get last minute tickets at a good price for musicals and theaters. I recommend apps like TodayTixx or the website boxoffice.co.uk .

May is a great month in London. The days are getting longer, spring begins, thousands of trees are blooming in London, and with a little luck, the good weather begins, and with it, the days of picnics. It's a great time to walk around the city without the extreme hustle and bustle of summer (be careful, there will still be a lot of people, it's London).

Monday, May 6, is a holiday, so throughout the weekend a lot of movement of people is expected in the capital. And, from May 27 to 30, schools in the United Kingdom have holidays, so families will take the opportunity to be away. Organize your trip and try to book in advance if you want to go to restaurants, events, exhibitions or museums.

1. PARKS. You can take advantage of the fact that the days are starting to get longer to see trees in bloom , the beginning of spring, and take beautiful walks through London's parks.

From Hyde Park to Battersea Park, passing through our favourite, St. James's Park.

If the weather is good, at noon you can plan a picnic in a park to eat.

Wisteria is one of the most famous and photogenic, it blooms in spring, and many small houses have it on their façade, so it is an idea to go take photos in the corners where it has bloomed. You'll find plenty in the Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill areas of west London.

2. SEE TOWER BRIDGE OPEN. Take advantage of better times, so Tower Bridge opens more times. On average, it opens 800 times a year, but in spring and summer it is much easier to see it, and this March it will open several times. Check the schedules on the website to match your visit.

3. SUNSET IN SKY GARDEN OR HORIZON 22 . Book a free ticket to see the sunset from a skyscraper. This city has some of the best sunsets , so you shouldn't miss one from a certain point, and see how the sun falls over the city.

4 . CARAVAGGIO'S LAST PAINTING (NATIONAL GALLERY). If you visit the National Gallery, you can visit this small free exhibition, where you will see what is considered Caravaggio's last work: The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula.

It will be available from April 18 to July 21.

Remember that tickets to the museums are free, but we recommend that you book in advance so as not to miss out on visiting them, or to avoid queues.

5 . HENRY IV AT NOËL COWARD THEATER (until June 22). Your opportunity to see live one of the best actors on the current scene, at 80 years old, Ian Mckellen plays John Belstaff in this adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play, Henry IV, in the heart of London (Covent Garden).

Let yourself be surprised because when I have seen this great actor on stage, he has never left me indifferent.

6. LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT. And, continuing with Theater recommendations, at Charing Cross (Wyndham's Theatre), you can enjoy Brian Cox and Patricia Clarkson in this acclaimed play, based on the novel of the same name by Pulitzer winner Eugene O'Neill's.

At the moment, its final date is June 8, 2024, so do not hesitate to reserve your ticket.

7. CHELSEA IN BLOOM, FROM MAY 20 TO 26. One of my favorite events in the city. In Chelsea the streets are filled with flower designs, some stores offer discounts and, with the arrival of spring weather, you can stroll through a pretty neighborhood with your iced tea or coffee in hand.

I recommend getting off at the Sloane Square metro stop, and from there getting lost in the neighborhood looking at the different exhibitions on the street. Each year they have a different theme. This year's theme will be "Floral Feast." That is, it will be about food and flowers (and surely, a lot of tea).

By the way, when I finish a winner will be chosen, and you can vote for your favorite at the following link: https://www.chelseainbloom.co.uk/participants-voting/astrid-miyu/. Remember to sign up for the place or business that has displayed the one you liked the most to vote for it!

7. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW, FROM MAY 21 TO 25. Timeout describes it as flower fashion week. A recognized event, which coincides with the previous one, with visitors such as the royal family. You will be able to see designs from renowned florists and gardeners, see the latest trends and a thousand other things.

Unlike the previous one, but you have to pay entry, which ranges between 45 and 60 pounds).

You can buy your ticket here: https://www2.theticketfactory.com/rhs/online/tickets/rhs-chelsea-flower-show#_ga=2.233121502.1382413782.1681219349-844838814.1680173223

8. BELGRAVIA IN BLOOM, FROM MAY 20 TO 27. Another of the most exclusive neighborhoods (not to mention the most exclusive) in London puts on its own exhibition of floral arrangements and montages in spring. Being more central than Chelsea it is great to get there and walk around.

There will also be games, food, music, and some discounts (be careful, we are talking about stores like Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent, it could be your great opportunity).

Here is the link to this event: https://www.belgravialdn.com/belgravia-in-bloom.

9. ANNIVERSARY OF THE NATIONAL GALLERY. If you are in London on May 10, you absolutely have to go to this museum at 6 in the afternoon, since it celebrates no less than 200 years. There will be a celebration that will include an exhibition of their best paintings, dance, music, refreshments and more.

Did I tell you that admission is free? But you have to reserve it in advance. You can do so here: https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/big-birthday-weekend-late-and-light-show

10. EUROPEANS WRITERS FESTIVAL, AT THE BRITISH LIBRARY, FROM MAY 17 TO 19. The British Library is, for me, a mandatory stop on your visit to London if you like literature (or music). But this month there will also be this festival that will bring together up to 30 different renowned European writers who will talk about society and its current transformation.

I leave the program here in case there is one in particular that catches your attention: https://europe.org.uk/magazine/european-writers-festival-2-programme-and-presenters/

11. PADDINGTON BEAR EXPERIENCE. A new experience to do as a family in London arrives on May 31, especially if you are a fan of the film series of this tender and clumsy bear.

It includes areas with exhibitions, games, food and drinks, places to take photos and buy franchise souvenirs and more.

Get your ticket here: https://paddingtonbearexperience.com/

12. FRATERNITÉ AT WESTMINSTER ABBEY. Although it may seem curious to you, Franca and the United Kingdom come together and collaborate with these spring sessions that take place in the very famous Westminster Abbey.

This year, on Thursday, May 16, there will be a talk that will develop and deepen the relationships between Tudor England and Renaissance France. Admission to this conference is £10. But then you can visit the Abbey. If you speak English it can be an unforgettable experience to visit this emblematic building and take away a lot of learning.

You can buy your ticket here: https://www.westminster-abbey.org/abbey-events/lectures-and-talks/2024/may/fraternite-talk-lilies-and-roses

13. ADOBE WOMEN'S FA CUP, MAY 12. Final of the 2024 FA Cup for women's football, Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur. It will be played at Wembley Stadium and tickets are obviously already sold out, but you can go to a pub and live the authentic experience watching football with a beer. Several pubs in the city usually broadcast football matches so you will find many.

14. KEW GARDENS. It is a perfect time to visit one of the most important botanical gardens. 120 hectares of Garden where you can enjoy thousands of plants, trees and species for all tastes. Its greenhouses and its 15-meter-high Pagoda, original from 1762, which imitate Chinese architecture (Tang period), are famous. 

You will not regret this visit. In addition, very close you have the Richmond neighborhood, a must-see in London and a place that we have already talked about several times.

We leave you here the Kew Gardens link so you can buy your ticket.

15. GETAWAY TO THE COUNTRYSIDE. What better than spring to leave London to discover other places outside the city or the English countryside (Rural England). You can reach many beautiful and charming places such as Bath or Oxford by train.

But, you can also discover other places such as Whistable, Brighton, Canterbury or Winchester.

If you want to discover small, charming towns, green landscapes or historical enclaves, we can help you with our excursions to the countryside. Contact us to find out which route suits your tastes, how many people you are and what days you are traveling so that we can prepare a budget for you. Keep in mind that they must be small groups, since we can rent cars for up to a maximum of 6 people.

16. LONDON TOUR WITH JULIET'S BRIDGE. And, we couldn't miss, in the best time of the year, a tour with us. We always make our tours not typical, but rather an experience like going to the theater or the cinema. Come, relax, forget about social networks, Whatsapp or maps and we will help you discover the city and explore this capital in a unique and special way, with curiosities, anecdotes, details and a lot of entertaining history. You can book our free tours here , or book a private tour .

As you can see, April is a busy month, so London awaits you with a thousand plans and things to do and discover, and so do we.


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