Qué hacer en Londres en Otoño

What to do in London in Autumn

There is something about autumn that makes it unique and special, and our favorite season (you'll be sick of hearing it). But autumn is coming and a wonderful feeling fills me. I feel that nature is preparing, as if it were the moment of new beginnings. I relate it a lot to the season of starting school, and even at 31 years old I feel like buying school supplies and packing a backpack with new things and a great desire to learn. I loved the feeling of carrying unread books and brand new notebooks.

I still maintain that illusion, and the fact is that autumn is the time that I like the most to take care of myself and set new goals. I love making coffee, buying pretty mugs, lighting candles and doing creative things, which are my favorites: drawing, writing, reading,…

Today I leave you here some of my favorite plans to do in the city of London, and be able to enjoy this season as it deserves:

1. Do a photo shoot. I had to be the first. And if you want beautiful photographs, this is the best time. If you also take advantage of Golden Hour, you will use those photographs for years, perhaps a lifetime. It's easy for the camera to capture cozy and pleasant feelings, because you're going to feel them.

I can think of many scenarios to take these photographs, but after many sessions in London, I will save you time and leave you some of the best:

-Richmond Park. Maybe deer will appear behind your photos, which will make it even more special. It is the largest park in London, so the autumn colors of the trees, or a beautiful sunset will be beautiful in this place.

- Notting Hill. There is no station that does not suit this neighborhood. But its colorful houses are surely waiting for you to take a photo with a colorful accessory and a coffee in your hand. Maybe the Alice store is also perfect in the background or maybe a good photo looking at antiques and discovering treasures at the famous Portobello market.

- Primrose Hill. One of my favorites, a little park on a hill, with views of all of London. Here you will have all the perfect elements for the photo we are looking for: park, autumn colors, and London in the background.

-Big Ben. Good photos always take place near Big Ben. If you stand in front of the park next to Westminster Abbey, in the middle of the sunset, you will have a photo so that your grandchildren can enjoy your traveling and adventurous spirit and play and dream of being like you when they grow up.

 -National History Museum. Probably the perfect building for a photo shoot. This building has magic and is unique in capturing the light, and I repeat, autumn will help by giving it the best.

Remember that we also offer professional photo sessions in the city of London. We have created packs, but you can talk to me and I will advise you and help you find the best place or time.

If you plan to do it, now is when you will have the best results. And if you're visiting, you can't miss this unique souvenir of your trip.

 Here is the link to the sessions:


2. Walk through Brompton Cemetery. One of the most central and beautiful cemeteries, in the Fulham neighborhood. I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with walking through cemeteries, but it really is a unique experience in this city. Every time I walk through one I leave relaxed and eager to achieve everything I set my mind to. I like silence, rest, peace and I like to read the tombstones and imagine the lives of those people. The one in West Brompton is also beautiful and has many curiosities to discover.

 You may discover that the names of some tombstones sound familiar to you, and there are quite famous people who rest here, like Emmeline Pankhurst.

It is also the place where Beatrix Potter went to walk to get the names of some of her most iconic characters.

3. Kew Gardens. What is better during the autumn season than spending time in nature and enjoying the colors of the season. Kew Gardens is the largest and most important botanical garden in the country, and practically in Europe. 120 hectares of Garden where you can enjoy thousands of plants, trees and species for all tastes. Its greenhouses and its 15-meter-high Pagoda, original from 1762, which imitate Chinese architecture (Tang period), are famous. 

You will not regret this visit. In addition, very close you have the Richmond neighborhood, a must-see in London and a place that we have already talked about several times.

We leave you here the Kew Gardens link so you can buy your ticket.

4. Halloween Party. If you happen to visit London during Halloween night, you have to live this experience.

Come to a residential London neighborhood and enjoy the decorations of the houses, the events that take place and the hundreds of children who take to the streets in costume, knocking on the doors of the houses with the classic “Trick or treat”. deal).

This is one of the experiences I remember most fondly from when I arrived in London. Like many, I arrived by staying with a family, and taking care of the family's children, something I loved. However, I have to say that I got so excited about the candy hunt and wanted to get so many for those kids that I gave the little one indigestion. I hope he continues to eat sweets (I sure do!).

 Don't hesitate to look for a residential neighborhood and ask in a cafe or pub which street the mythical Halloween is celebrated on. Some put up movie decorations, with music, performances and a thousand other activities. 

By the way, I'm the scariest thing that can exist, and I've never been scared these Halloweens, so don't worry!

If you can't find any of these parties, you don't have enough time, or you don't come on that date but you want to enjoy beautiful Halloween decorations, in London a thousand buildings and places have been decorated for this holiday since the end of September. The most legendary is the private (and very select) Annabel's club, which always wins the award for the most well-decorated façade.

5. Visit Hampstead. Hampstead is a neighborhood far from the center of London, but I always, ALWAYS, recommend it. You will feel like you are in a story. You won't be able to stop looking around you and you will be invaded by that “cosy” feeling, which is exactly what we are looking for with autumn. You can spend the whole day in the neighborhood since you have…another park! Even if you've seen 80, you'll like it.

You can eat at a nice restaurant, drink coffee at one of the thousands of unique and cozy cafes in the neighborhood, see book and flower shops and feel like you're in the movie The Holiday. You will find very few tourists and for a moment you will not believe that you are still in great London.

6. Visit Greenwich/Greenwich Park. Another neighborhood that will not disappoint you, with its park to get lost in.

In this neighborhood you can also visit the Greenwich Observatory or the National Maritime Museum.

You can also check out Cutty Shark. In theory it was a ship importing tea to the United Kingdom, one of the most important. Although it seems that he ended up importing more slaves than tea...

Again this is a place to get lost and enjoy, and even if you like The Bridgertons, you can find many filming sites and recreate famous scenes.

Irene and I were there recently, but we didn't find any Duke in the area...maybe next time? I will continue visiting the neighborhood from time to time, unless it happens.

7. Stroll along the Regent's Canal. Another one of those activities that is very worthwhile. Autumn is the best time to walk and get lost in those canals. You can start in the London Zoo area, near Regent's Park. You will discover what has been called little Venice. A complete tour along the canals with a thousand things to see. If you like to ride a bike, it is the perfect plan to rent one and explore these canals with it. You can walk to King's Cross and have a coffee or sit for a while and enjoy. 

By the way, if you start near the London Zoo, you will also be very close to Primrose Hill (I talk about it in point 1), so you could also do the photography plan along these channels.

8. Stroll along the Thames, stopping at Borough Market for a snack.

We can help you a lot with this, because one of our favorite tours runs through this area.

The tour allows us to summarize the entire history of this city and discover places that many times you would not even discover. Whenever we can, we see Tower Bridge rise, and we take a break in London's oldest market: Borough Market. They have a thousand pastries, cakes and sweets from all over the world, or perhaps you would prefer some strawberries and chocolate. And, to top it all off, what's better than taking a good Colombian coffee to continue walking and discovering this city.

You can book your tour here .

Whichever plan you choose, you will surely enjoy London, and she will make you feel welcome, and will give the push you need to achieve what you set out to do.



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